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After cleaning out all my school stuff, I had to wonder, ‘Why do I need to buy heavy textbooks if I can get the same information on my light tablet?’. I wish my school would adopt iPad’s. I think it would really help teachers with their presentations and students with learning and note taking apps. But, we can only hope…

Does your school system use iPads? I would be very interested in hearing. I use it for keeping track of my homework assignments, schedule and grades, as well as I take my notes on it.


Comments on: "Week 23 – School’s Out (Picture 4 – Textbooks)" (8)

  1. e-textbooks would be the smart way – soon we will have that and they can be updated easily… soon. Maybe you can lead the revolution – put a case to your school to be innovators!

  2. I’m old, so my vote doesn’t count but I love the feel and even smell of old well worn and cherished books. Net info seems too ethereal to me.

  3. Madelaine said:

    Woo hoo…….School’s Out for Summer

  4. Ours doesn’t–but it makes a whole lot more sense than lugging a backpack of texts that are probably already outdated. But–prolly hard for the poor teachers to make sure the kids are not on FB or Twitter all during class.

  5. ipad’s were a thing of the far far future in my school days, LOL…but I agree with you, they’d be a fabulous learning tool…so much lighter and all contained, notes, books…but could everyone afford them?

  6. Just got back from vacation and playing catch up…I see I missed some fantastic images while I was away. My boys both graduated from High School a ffew weeks ago, and they had the heavy books too! 😦 They are both attending Creighton University in the Fall where most books are available for the ipad….they are both loving that! I love your composition here!

  7. Our schools are slowly going to the ipad which should make updating materials so much better.

  8. I love the actual books too even though I agree that keeping them current/buying new is so very costly too. Electronic books etc just mean that the excuses for homework non-completion change from “the dog ate my homework” to “couldn’t get an internet connection” or “device malfunction”. Have a great summer and keep shooting those great photos.

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