The World through my Viewfinder


Even though it’s raining today, this sunflower brightened my day and reminded me that summer is coming! My finals end this week so I will be done by Friday! I’m almost a junior! Are you looking forward to summer? I am totally, but that is because I don’t have to of to school, but I know some still have to work during the summer. Hope you enjoy the photo and the upcoming (hopefully good) weather!

I took these on my iPhone on Camera+ and edited it on my iPad in iPhoto and Photoshop Touch. I didn’t like the dark center in the first shot, so I brightened (dodged) the center. However, I still don’t totally like it. What do you think and as always, any tips are welcome!

P.S. I started to post photos on 500px and if you want to check it out here it is! Don’t fret, I will still be posting here just as much as always! Actually probably more actually because schools out so I have much more time to shoot! Yay!



Comments on: "Week 23 – School’s Out (Picture 1 – Sunny Days)" (3)

  1. School’s out and so are these flowers–two reasons to celebrate. The iPhone is an awesome tool–it’s no longer just “toy” photography.

  2. Love the cheery yellow bloom. Very nice results from your iphone.

  3. these two are beautiful, I like how you’ve lightened up the middle and the sight 500px, your photos are AWESOME….!!!!

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