The World through my Viewfinder


As I promised, here is my photo that I took on the film camera for chemistry class. I think it came out cool, but it got a little fuzzier after I took a picture of it with my digital camera, so try to imagine it sharper!

It was such a different experience. I felt a lot more connected with the photos I was developing. If you have not tried developing in a darkroom, try it! It will change your perspective on taking pictures and make you think a lot more about composition and settings to use. Hope you enjoy as much as I have!


Comments on: "Week 20 – Film Photo (Picture 1 – Leafy Goodness)" (9)

  1. I spent many years at art school in darkrooms and as nice as it was, being able to use a computer and see the view outside while ‘developing images’ is very nice too 🙂
    Hope you try some more darkroom effects – dodge and burn, vignettes, different exposures – even double exposures for portraits etc – it’s great experience for developing your artistic skills.

  2. I really appreciate your thoughts about the experience.
    Doing something does provide new perspective and altered focus.
    I like the perspective and focus of both your b&w image and your b&w comments.
    turning over a new leaf 🙂

  3. Like Iris, my first foray into photography was developing and exposing my B&W films in the darkroom….I have to say I prefer sitting comfortably at the table in this digital age 😉

  4. The wonder of the darkroom with the images coming to life in developing trays will always be with me.

  5. Actually, I like the fact that it’s not in exquisite focus–it adds to the analog effect. I spent many a happy hour in darkrooms when I was in college.

  6. Love the look of this Jeremy especially in b&w….I can see your thoughs about the developing of the shot too. Nice!

  7. I took many a roll of film but never did any darkroom work. Am thankful for the instant feedback/learning that a digital camera provides now. It was always tough to have film “failure” at a birthday etc and not know about it until weeks later when the photos were developed…this was before the next day or even 1 hour printing service. This is a very artistic photo…like it alot!

  8. Like the other mike said…I really like the look of the shot too, not to mention it’s in B+W also!

  9. Like the other two Mikes have said, really nice shot Jeremy. The focus and the b&w are just perfect. More please!!

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