The World through my Viewfinder

Well the Daffodils are starting to bloom. Even though they were somberly angled toward the ground, I was determined to capture them. This meant I had to lie down, with my head in the dirt and my camera pressed against my eye in order to have what I wanted in focus. However I think the results were worth it, though. Tell me what you think!

I shot these with my 24mm f/2.8 that has a focal distance of 1 ft. I think its the best lens I have for flowers.


Comments on: "Week 15 – Springing Flowers (Picture 1 – Daffodils)" (5)

  1. A burst of sunshine! Beautiful! Well worth getting a little dirty for!

  2. Madelaine said:

    These shots are fabulous……color, lighting and luscious bokeh. Lovely!

  3. Your flowers are just beautiful….true to color with wonderful detail!

  4. Oh yes . . . the photographer must at times get down and dirty to capture the moment, and you did very will with the flowers.

  5. down and dirty is the world of the photographer who wants the great angles. Well done

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