The World through my Viewfinder


This is a shot of just some of the board games my teacher brought in for us to play and learn about over the week. Our teacher has over a hundred games at his house and he knows the rules to all of them. I think that’s pretty amazing.

We didn’t get a chance to play all of them, but we did get to play a couple of them a lot and this helped to develop good strategies. Most of the games are won by collecting victory points, however differ in the way you collect them. With this in mind, it got easier to strategize as the week went on. Although, today was the last day of exploration week so I hope I can remember the strategies for each for the next time I play them โ€” I won’t…

I took this on my iPhone using Camera+ and enhanced (or ruined, depending on your perspective) with iPhoto, blurred the background with Big Lens and added the signature with Photoshop Touch โ€” all iPad apps. If I could go back, I would change two things: One, the camera. I wish I had my T3 with me cause I think I could have gotten a less noisy image as well as better quality all around. Two, I would have changed the angle to avoid the glare.

Do you play a lot of board games? I really like monopoly, but this course has introduced me to a whole other genre of games: strategic ones. I’ll admit their is a good amount of strategy in monopoly, however once you’ve played the games shown above, you realize it’s totally different.


Comments on: "Week 13 – Board Games (Picture 2 – Abundance)" (4)

  1. Great perspective on this shot and you can even tell your teacher that it is just one of the ways you look up to him! LoL

  2. Great perspective! I like the processing you have done – it adds to the style of the boxes – and you will know to change the angle just enough to avoid the glare next time ๐Ÿ™‚ there’s always something new to learn about every game – especially photography…

  3. Nice composition.

  4. Love introducing new board games to my grandkids. They’re a little too young for these I imagine. One of our favorites is Blokus…… easy to learn but a nice challenge for all ages…especially with 4 players!

    Like the perspective you chose for your image….and we all learn from analyzing our images or having them critiqued by others!

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