The World through my Viewfinder

Before my Bar Mitzvah, my mom and her friend Deb bought a bunch of tissue paper and made all of these flowers for the reception. We put a couple at each table and they were a big hit. Afterwards we decided to keep some of them and put them up around the dinner table and in the living room and they’ve been their ever since. They bring a lot of color to the rooms and remind me of the great time I had at my Bar Mitzvah.

The first photo is a close up on one of the flowers. However, after taking it, I realized that it didn’t really show all of the flower. So, I grabbed a picture from when they first made the flowers (2009) to show all of the flowers. Please excuse the noise. This was taken with an older point and shoot (or maybe a phone – I’m not sure). The first picture is the one I am using for the theme though, since I took it today and this is a blog for photo’s taken this year.


Comments on: "Week 2 – Agriculture (Picture 3 – Faux Flowers)" (5)

  1. Agriculture you should get out more! LOL

  2. Ha! I agree with danudin! But I will add that your bar mitzvah is a great event to be reminded of. It remains a wonderful memory for me!

  3. It’s great to have those memories around your house! I could probably keep those plants alive, too. 😉

  4. Your mom and her friend are talented … those are really pretty!

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