The World through my Viewfinder


It’s amazing to think about all of the interesting shots you can take while walking the dog. That is if he is willing to wait for you to take the picture. I’m not going to lie, some of the photo’s I’ve taken on our walks have come out completely blurry because, at just the moment that I frame the image to be, Buddy decides to chase a squirrel. However, after all the squirrels are hiding from the big dog on campus, I can actually get some really interesting images from around our apartment complex. The one above was taken from our walk this past Saturday and I really think it came out the way I intended it to. When framing, I wanted to showcase the winding road, the varying geometric shapes at the tops of the buildings, and the “almost-spring” sky and ground. Let me know how you think I did? I’m always open to criticism!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!



If you didn’t know, I am a member of my schools robotics team. We build a robot to compete in FTC robotics competitions that occur during the winter time and each year they have different games the robot has to compete in. This year the robot had to place blocks in crates that were balenced on a seesaw (as you place more blocks in a crate on the right, the left crates would rise). In order to do this we designed and built a mechanism (shown best in the picture above in the front that opens around blocks and closes, lifts up and opens in order to place the blocks in crates. The only problem was that due to poor planning, we were not able to test and because of this we had many hardware and software bugs we were not aware of on competition day. This resulted in our robots inability to move! Needless to say, we lost the competition. But our high school has three other robotics teams and those other teams did very well!

This experience in robotics has taught me the steps necessary in designing and building your dreams. You can’t just think about what you want and build it. You need to be able to draw out your ideas and plan for possible pitfalls. It is crucial to go through the full design process and communicate your ideas to others, because you can’t do everything on your own.

Enjoy your week and remember to measure twice and cut once!



Happy New Year everyone! I hope your holiday celebrations were as merry and joyful as mine were!

For the first photo of the year, I wanted to show off the game that my friends and I love playing every once and a while: Monopoly! We’ve always loved playing together, however due to intense senior year scheduling, we haven’t gotten to play recently. So we decided it would be fun on this cold New Years afternoon to get a game going. It took a few rolls to get back in the swing of things, but by the third round, we were flying through the game and we finished in under an hour and a half (one of quicker games)! It was a lot of fun and if the school schedule gets on our side (which would be a first!), we might be playing more often!

On a different note, my New Years resolution is to go out on more photo shoots with my DSLR. So often I find myself posting photos shot on my iPhone 5S and while its camera is great, I would like to shoot with more of an ability to adjust my settings. Also, going out on photo shoots gets my mind more focused on the images, which I think would help in my development as a photographer.

Here’s to completing New Years resolutions and a happy 365 days!
Jeremy Kelleher

Week 37 – Mahjong


For the last class before winter break, my Chinese teacher brought in her mahjong set to teach us how to play. The only catch was that we had to speak only in Chinese. Learning how to play a new game as complex as mahjong is one thing, but learning how to play it in a language I’m not fluent in made it rather difficult to grasp. For the first couple of rounds, my teacher was giving me help and I had no idea what was going on, but after a little while, I got the hang of it and almost won the game! Sadly I was just a few pairs away when my friend yelled “hu!”, telling the three of us that he had made enough pairs to win.

I encourage everyone to at least try playing once or twice because it is a lot of fun to play. It is rather similar to the card game Jin, if you know how to play that. After you start to get the hang of it, add the extra Chinese words and then you’ll have a blast!

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Week 36 – Thanksgivakah


Happy Holidays Everyone!

Here in Minnesota, thanksgiving day is unfolding beautifully! Football, cooking, shopping/ad browsing, and socializing has made up most of the relaxing day and I wouldn’t want it any other way! This is really the only time the whole family comes together, therefore I’m looking forward to spending all day enjoying the refreshing time.

With that, I wish you a happy thanksgiving and a revitalizing vacation! I know I’m thankful to have this time to spend with family. I just wish there was more of it.

~ Jeremy


Last weekend, my girlfriend and I went to Boston Commons to enjoy a relaxing saturday afternoon. While we were sitting against a tree near the water, a squirrel climbed onto my shoe (a phenomena I am not used to), which made us both reach for our cameras (shot above). These shots below were from our walk and were taken through my iPhone 5s.

Hope you enjoy and have a relaxing week,


Much of this past four-day weekend was spent discussing college and the next four years of Jeremy. I’ve started finalizing my list of schools, polishing off my common app essay and visiting some last schools. I can see the finish line coming closer and closer as deadlines loom, but I’m hanging in there, keeping my stress level low. I’m almost done with my part in the application process and I know that come spring time, I’ll be waiting anxiously for the mailman.

These pictures are of buildings on a campus in Medford, Massachusetts. These were taken on my iPhone 5s, cropped in the photos application, and watermarked in Photoshop Touch.

Have a great week,


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